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Introduction to roundabouts on US 41

The De Pere roundaboutA safer kind of intersection
Roundabouts are gaining popularity in the United States due to their proven track record of providing safer and more efficient traffic flow. These circular intersections have flared entryways marked by yield signs and a centerpiece that deflects traffic, causing drivers to slow down. You may have seen other types of circular intersections such as a traffic circle, but roundabouts are far more efficient. Although roundabouts may seem foreign at first, they are very simple to use and will greatly improve safety.

Want to see how each of the roundabouts will be constructed? Check out the examples below for complete renderings of selected intersections/interchanges along US 41.

Winnebago County
Click to view: 9th Avenue
Click to view: Witzel Avenue
Click to view: WIS 21
Click to view: Breezewood Lane

The "Take it Slow" Roundabout Campaign

We've created a new informational campaign designed to help you navigate into and out of roundabouts more safely. We feature the four main roundabout tips:
  • taking it slow
  • yielding to the lft
  • not passing
  • choosing the correct lane
We've named this campaign "Take it Slow," because a major cause of roundabout crashes is speed. Check out the "Take it Slow" campaign now.roundabout information campaign.

Roundabout Simulation
Experience the new Mason Street interchange firsthand as you are directed through a series of multi-lane roundabouts from a driver's perspective:

Westbound  Westbound Mason Street to US 41

  Southbound US 41 to Eastbound Mason Street

  Mason Street overview


Roundabouts Near You

Curious about where you'll find roundabouts in your county? Take a look at these maps for more details and construction dates:

Brown County RAB locations
Winnebago County RAB locations