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Economic importance of US 41

US 41 and 9th Avenue in OshkoshConnecting Wisconsin
US 41 is a 200-mile long highway connecting Chicago, Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin, the Fox Valley and upper Michigan. This corridor provides critical transportation for the movement of goods and services within the state, and other market areas outside the state of Wisconsin. US 41 is important to everyone who lives, works or travels along this highway.

Economic impact

Downtown De PereA vital economic artery

The areas connected by US 41 represent 56 percent of the state’s population, 57 percent of the state’s manufacturing facilities, and 52 percent of Wisconsin’s retail and wholesale businesses. Counties that highway 41 runs through also account for $3.3 billion in tourism expenditures each year. Needless to say, this is one important road for Wisconsin.

Economic recovery

US 41 overpass in HowardRebuild. Revitalize.
Four segments of the US 41 Project received funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This funding provided the opportunity to advance work on these segments, revitalize the area and create job opportunities in Northeast Wisconsin.