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  Brown County 2016 Construction Outlook

Mainline I-41
March 2012 through December 2016
  • Mainline segment under construction in 2016: Glory to 9th; Memorial to Lakeview
  • Reconstruction of I-41 mainline and structures.
  • The I-41 mainline will have two lanes of traffic in each direction with reduced shoulders and lane widths, nighttime lane restrictions and/or ramp closures.

I-43 Interchange
September 2013 through September 2016
  • Reconstruction and improvement of the system-to-system interchange.
  • The following ramps are CLOSED and will re-open in September 2016: 
    • Southbound I-41 to southbound I-43; northbound I-43 to southbound I-41.
  • Intermittent nighttime lane and ramp closures will occur throughout 2016.
Velp Avenue Interchange
February 2015 through October 2016
(Preliminary work began in 2013)
  • Reconstruction of the Velp Avenue interchange.
  • The southbound I-41 exit ramp to Velp Avenue is CLOSED and will re-open in October 2016.
  • The Velp Avenue interchange, including the intersection of Velp Avenue and Memorial Drive, will CLOSE for 60 days between August-October 2016.
  • Intermittent lane and nighttime ramp closures will occur throughout 2016.

Lombardi Avenue
Morris Avenue
Cormier Road
Parkview Road
Glory Road
August 2013 through fall 2016
  • Reconstruction of the I-41 bridges over these local roads.
  • Cormier Road and Parkview Road will CLOSE for 14 days in 2016 under I-41 to reconstruct local roadways.
  • Morris Avenue will CLOSE for 7 days and Glory Road will CLOSE for 10 days.
  • Morris and Cormier will not be closed concurrently. Shoulder closures intermittent in 2016 on all local streets. Lane restrictions may occur.
WIS 172 Ramps
August 2013 through fall 2016
  • Reconstruction of WIS 172 ramps and I-41 bridges.
  • The eastbound WIS 172 to southbound I-41 ramp will CLOSE for approximately
  • 30 days; the eastbound WIS 172 to northbound I-41 ramp will CLOSE for
  • approximately 14 days; southbound I-41 to westbound WIS 172 ramp will
  • CLOSE for 14 days. Intermittent nighttime lane and ramp closures will occur throughout 2016.
Waube Lane/Oneida Street Interchange
August 2013 through fall 2016
  • Reconstruction of the I-41 bridges over Waube Lane/Oneida Street.
  • Interchange and Waube Lane/Oneida Street will remain open during construction with intermittent lane and ramp closures.
  • The I-41 northbound off-ramp to Oneida Street will close for approximately 14 days in 2016.