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Schedule: July 2016 to May 2017 

Location: town of Menasha
Description of work: This project is the addition of lanes along I-41 from US 10 to south of Winchester Road (County II). It includes the widening of the both bridge structures at Green Bay Road and the southbound structure at Winchester Road. It also includes the reconstruction of the northbound on-ramp and both southbound ramps at Winchester Road. New sign structures will be constructed for both northbound and southbound I-41 to accommodate the pavement changes. American Drive will also be realigned to accommodate the additional lane for southbound I-41. Two ponds will be constructed along with this project.

October 24 to October 28: The southbound on-ramp at Winchester road was opened to traffic. Concrete pavement was to be placed on the northbound widening of I-41 along with the Winchester Rd ramps. Construction of the retaining walls moment slabs was to occur. Electrical installation at Winchester Rd also to occur. Sign structure construction was to continue along the project. Construction of the retentions ponds continued.
October 31 to November 4: Construction of the moment slabs will continue. Concrete pavement will continue to be placed along the widening of I41 and the ramps of Winchester Rd. Sign structure construction will continue along the project. Construction of the retention ponds will continue. The southbound I-41 exit ramp and the northbound on ramp at Winchester Road will open.
Traffic Impacts: There will be various daily closures along I-41 in the median during off-peak hours in the day and at night. 
Southbound I-41 off-ramp to Winchester Road to close for 45-days on September 19
Northbound I-41 on-ramp from Winchester Road to close for 45-days on September 19
Winchester Road under I-41 will remain open but may have various single lane closures
The southbound entrance ramp at Winchester Road will have a 30-day closure, the southbound 
Project website: http://projects.511wi.gov/wis441/